Shashmaqam Is a Musical Genre Typical of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan


  • Majidova Madina Makhmudzhan's daughter music training and art direction 1st year master's degree student


Shashmaqam, central asian music, tajikistan, uzbekistan, maqam, traditional music


This article delves into the unique musical genre of Shashmaqam, prevalent in the cultural landscapes of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Through a comprehensive exploration, the study aims to unveil the historical significance, cultural context, and the intricate musical elements that define Shashmaqam. Drawing on a synthesis of literature, this research provides an in-depth analysis of the genre's evolution, methodologies employed in its performance, and the cultural impact it has on the communities along the ancient Silk Road. The study concludes with discussions on the preservation of Shashmaqam as a vital cultural heritage and offers suggestions for its continued appreciation and dissemination.




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